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Introducing Madame A

Madame A

Some friends of ours were moving, and concerned for a stray in their backyard. Loving, sweet, and rail-thin, she desperately needed a home. The shelters, full to bursting, couldn’t take her.

Which is how we ended up with Madame A. She joins the Mad Tortie and Fearless!Cat in our feline crowd, and she is a joy. She loves to be snuggled and petted, and touches noses with Miss B whenever she can. Sadly, Odd Trundles’s excitement makes her nervous–she hasn’t yet grasped that she can just bop him on the nose and he’ll back off. She’s gaining weight, and the vet has given her a clean bill of health after the spaying.

Madame A and Fearless!Kitty have bonded. They now sleep within three feet of each other, and the distance diminishes all the time. She’s an ideal companion for our aging Fearless, but the Mad Tortie is neutral at best on the incursions of OTHER!FELINES!THEHORROR! So the Tortie spends more of her time upstairs on the Princess’s bed–truly a harsh burden to bear, but she bravely carries on.

So…welcome to Madame A, and let’s hope she learns Trundles is loud but harmless. Well, he might accidentally sit on a feline and flatten it, but that’s about it…

5 thoughts on “Introducing Madame A”

  1. I miss having a cat in the house. The hubs is allergic 🙁 This just means that our lovable canines, who whole-heartedly believe they are HUMAN get an enormous amount of affection 😀

    She is adorable and I am glad to hear she is getting better.

  2. As we share this mutual friend, I had to come over and read your piece about Madam A. Such a sweet, well written post as well! She is beautiful! As a person who works in the animal education and rescue field, thank you for being such a wonderful pet parent!

    Your fur babies must be so happy!

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