Cooling Nights

happy The hop vine has died back–the nights are becoming too cool for it, I think. I didn’t get the corn into the ground early enough, so unless we have quite a bit more heat and sun there won’t be sweet corn this year. Well, growing maize in the Pacific Northwest is always a crapshoot. It will all end up as compost anyway, and make next year’s crops that much better. It’s time for cover crops now–I like buckwheat, since the prepper in me thinks well, we can also eat that if the infrastructure fails…

Reading about famines and warfare makes one think about such things, I suppose.

I’m about to put another sneak peek of the second Steelflower book up for my patrons, so if you so desire, now is a really good time to pledge over at my Patreon.

I have notes for a freelance project to write today, and after that, may attention can turn fully to Kaia’s crew and their adventures. Of course, there’s getting Gallow 3 into respectable first-draft shape, and then there’s the book I’m writing solely for my own pleasure…so in short, I’m as busy as I always like to be. Not sure if anyone will ever buy Rifters, but at least I’ll get it out of my head.

It’s time to get out the door and run. I currently have Kaia waking up hungover in a tavern (again), and someone’s found her. I’m not quite sure who it is yet, but the run will shake that information out of my subconscious.

Over and out.