Back to School

schoolbus Yes, the Prince and Princess are back in the halls of education. It’s the Princess’s senior year, which fills me with wonder and terror at once. My baby, in her last year of public schooling. About to attend college, for God’s sake.

So it is now the quiet half of the year. Quiet doesn’t mean “less busy”, it just means that during the day there’s nothing but the sound of my breathing and clicking on the keyboard. The dogs, after spending yesterday keyed-up and nervous, are now serene. Either they fuzzily remember every other year of school, or, being Zen creatures of the now, they think it’s always been this way.

Which sort of explains why yesterday they were out in the yard, trotting around to find the Perfect Place to Pee (an ongoing quest, with the prize apparently changing from moment to moment) and Moxie!Squirrel appeared, they didn’t immediately notice her.

Moxie took this as somewhat of an insult, and ran along the back fence screaming “FWEEDOM! FWEEDOM! I AM THE SQUIRREL WHO HAUNTH THE–” Whereupon she tripped, fell halfway down the fence, caught herself with her claws, and scrambled up just in time to avoid Miss B’s searching nose. Thankfully, B didn’t run into the fence. Nor did Odd, he contented himself with simply flattening a nearby fern and barking hysterically. It took me some time to calm him down and drag him away, and B kept leaping as if she wanted to clear the fence, landing on the poor fern twice for every three jumps.

Having gotten her fill of attention, Moxie blundered into the cedars, still yelling something about “fweedom” and “defenthe of the realm!”.

I should introduce her to Beauregarde. They’d probably get along swimmingly.

Anyway, I thanked my lucky stars I was wearing shoes, and retreated inside with panting, nervous dogs. I don’t count it a victory, just a sudden detente.

Time for me to go sit on my couch with proof pages for ROADSIDE MAGIC. In the quiet. The wide, deep, somewhat disconcerting quiet.

Over and out.