Underwear Painting Gnomes

Three walls in the living room used to be an awful goldenrod colour. It wasn’t precisely bad, but the more I saw it, the more irritated I got. The goldenrod was repeated in my room, the loos, and the kitchen/dining room. Other than the accent walls (dark green in the living room, a matte red in the dining room) it was all close-to-babyshit-yellow, all the time.

This, my dears, simply would not do, especially since we had the Great Loo and Hall PaintAThon, and I painted my bedroom, and the Princess painted hers. This last weekend before school started, I finally took the plunge.

new colour

The Princess is a taper extraordinaire, and the Prince ran and fetched things and was an extra pair of hands. We did the living room Saturday, and the kitchen/dining room on Sunday. You can see the living room above, it’s Behr Marquee’s Recycled Glass. Which means it turns from greenish to bluish depending on the light, and tones very well with the forest-green accent wall. The kitchen/dining room is Translucent Silk.

even more colours

It picks up the red nicely, but doesn’t overpower my green dinnerware. (Please ignore the mess on the counters.) The penguin is Shirley. She quite approved of the change.

All this painting served a secondary purpose as well. (No, that purpose was NOT “making sure I never pick up a brush again”, thank you, though that DID happen.) It meant I was physically and mentally exhausted enough not to pull any mental muscles by plunging headfirst into another book and courting burnout.

Small mercies.

Now I have to do all the Sunday chores I didn’t do yesterday. But it’s all good. That’s step one and two finished. Next?

step three

The Underwear Gnomes are very proud of me.

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I am impressed with your efforts and the results! (and that Shirley ended up at your place)