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steelflower I promised a big announcement yesterday, and I can no longer put it off. Not that I wanted to, but…you know. Big things make one nervous.

The gracious folks at Samhain Publishing are going to help me bring out another Steelflower book.

*winces a little at the screaming*

Now, I know you have questions, and I’m going to answer some of them here.

But I thought you said piracy killed the series, and that you wouldn’t write another one!

Yes. Piracy killed the series. I am taking a substantial financial hit to do this. I did not decide to do so because of the hatemail I received over being honest about why I wasn’t writing more of Kaia’s adventures. Said hatemail, in fact, only reinforced my decision not to do so before now. In fact, I fully expect to get more hatemail from people saying “You said you never would, I hate you!”

I have been in publishing long enough to know with some things, one just can’t win.

When is this happening?

That Sekrit Projekt I’ve been talking about? This is it. I’m writing Steelflower’s Song right now. The due date for the first draft of the manuscript is next April. It’s a long time because I have to fit other better-paying projects in around it too, AND because Kaia’s world is very complex and requires tons of research, not to mention relearning her language(s) and producing a novel about 100K words long.

Will there be a THIRD book too?

I don’t think so. I originally had plans for a trilogy, and then another collection of short stories dealing with Kaia’s earlier adventures. I think, however, that this second book is going to have to be enough.


They have a relationship. It’s a somewhat complex one.

But happy ending, right? With a happy ending?

I do not ever promise that. I do promise that they will have the right ending.

Okay, you said “financial hit.” What do you mean?

The folks at Samhain are being incredibly good to me. Unfortunately they’re somewhat of a small press, and consequently what they can pay me upfront–the advance–is not enough to live on while I’m writing. There are some ameliorating factors, but the fact remains that I am taking what could be much more highly paid working time and gambling that there will eventually be enough of a return to warrant the risk.

That being said, there are some things you, dear Reader, can do to help.

Like what?

Piracy is an ongoing concern. Don’t torrent or pirate books, and please discourage your friends from doing so. You can sign up for my Patreon–near the beginning of each month, I’ll be releasing first drafts of some brand new Steelflower scenes. That means for five bucks a pop you’ll get sneak peeks of the book before anyone else–including my editor–does. The first one will be going up tomorrow, so you’ve got time to get in on it.

Now is also a great time to pick up some of my other books, if you feel the urge. If you enjoyed reading my books, a rating or review at your store-of-choice is always welcome–they do help! And of course, you could show the folks at Samhain some love by checking out their other fine fiction offerings. If there are other things Readers can do to help, I’ll certainly announce them in the future as well.

I’m hoping I can keep the lights on and the fridge full even though I’m taking this hit. The cynic in me says Steelflower’s Song is going to be pirated as soon as it goes on sale, and that it will be just like the first book. The optimist in me is winning by a hairsbreadth by pointing out that I love Kaia and her world, and if I overwork myself for the next six to eight months I’ll be glad, eventually, that I did so, and that my Readers are going to be very happy about this.

It’s the last consideration that makes this worthwhile. I never gave up on trying to find ways to bring Kaia’s adventures back to my Readers, and I’m very glad I’m finally in a position to do so, however uncomfortable that position is.

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OMG! This is like my wildest dream come true! I “hate” that haters kept you away from this for so long, but I’m thrilled to read more of Kaia’s story! *runs off to join the Patreon* Power to the writers!

Katherine C.
Huzzah!!! Have I mentioned recently how very much I love you for all of the many hours of entertainment you have provided? No? Let me correct that error. THANK YOU for doing this. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! You tell some of my favorite stories about some of my favorite characters, and Kaia is very near the top of that list. I may have to finally read Trailer Park Fae to celebrate (I’ve had it, I’ve just been putting off reading it because then I won’t have any more Saintcrow awesomeness to look forward to… Read more »
Kassandra A.

Pledged!! Really looking forward to reading more of this world and characters 😉


You write it, I buy it.

Favorite characters, Kaia and Dru.

Rusty Eulberg

Looks like I need to review my Calibre library… I discovered your books via piracy, and know I’ve purchased several.
no sarcasm, thanks for the reminder to make sure I’ve compensated you for the wonderful evenings you’ve provided for my wife and I!

Jessica @ a GREAT read
Oh wow! I remember reading Steelflower and loving it! Thought it was unique and just full of awesomeness! I can’t remember if I heard about the Piracy thing. It makes me sick to my stomach as a reader and aspiring writer that people still do this. It’s just soooooo wrong on sooooo many levels. And to think people STILL do this! I don’t always check the sources like ebay and such, but it seems like people are on there selling ARCs after conventions and I’m like really? I know you know how to read since you’re at a book con,… Read more »
Margo Lovejoy

my name is margo
I love your steel flower series and hope that there would be a book two . I love the demon’s librarian too. i have alot of your books too many to count.i am a fan.thanks for alot of great stories to read on my spare time.
margo lovejoy

Haley Wharton

OMIGOSH!!!!!! Okay, i’ll try not to scream too much. I know this was posted in 2015 and this is 2016 but aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJH. Every time I kept reading the blogs about how Mrs. Saintcrow was not going to I actually literally cried. But this has me so on edge. I’m not gonna hate on the haters. Instead, I just wanted to let her know that her work is so much appreciated and that I hope that her book is coming along fantastically. Thank you so much Mrs. Saintcrow!!!!!! ☻

Anastasia Miller

This is the second time I read the book and I came hunting for the next one. Thank you so much for following up with the second book. I know that it is trust breaking for people to pirate your work, and this is actually a gift for us.
I am so impressed with all of your work- the depth and layers, the different personalities that are so clear and are consistent in their actions based on that personality.
Excellent work. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.