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Welcome to progressive muscle stress!
Welcome to progressive muscle stress!
Yesterday, partly because of release day nerves, I put the new weight bench together. The Princess helped, as is her won’t with any assembly. Sometimes the only thing keeping me from taking a sledgehammer to recalcitrant Ikea furniture is her soothing presence.

I know, I know. This is just another way for me to hurt myself. Odd Trundles is never in the garage unless I’m taking him to the vet, so he might not try to kill me with a dumbbell. Miss B probably will, though, since she has her snoot up my rear the entire day and can manage the stairs into said garage. You’ll be glad to know I’m telling my medical professionals about this. I look forward to their mystified expressions of horror almost as much as I look forward to killing characters.

I’m starting slow, and very light, working on proper form. Eventually I’ll probably have to get more dumbbells, as well as a proper barbell rack. I need upper body strength to balance out all the running I’m doing–cardio is great, but I also need good arms, back, and core in order to kill the goddamn zombies.

Advice is welcome below. (Note: Condescension is not. I wish that went without saying, but I’ve already received it from Those Who Are Now Goddamn Well Banned.)

As soon as I get this coffee down, it’s downstairs for the warmup…

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Kassandra A.

Do you do any sort of core strengthening (non weight bench) exercises? Having a back that is fubar’d in two places (cervical AND lumbar, ya fun!) I have found that before I attempt to do any weight lifting or machine work on my upper body, I have to get my core moderately strong. Pelvic tilt to bridge is a combo that helps tremendously.

I don’t know if this is advice as much as encouragement . . . Don’t forget the basics, like good warm-ups and stretching. You can actually get a great work-out lifting lighter if you really concentrate on form and what’s going on with your muscles. Slower is better. Snazzy workout clothes also help. (I’m not sure that can be backed up with research, but it sure makes me feel good.) You probably know all this, so feel free to nod sagely. Remind yourself of all the great things weights can do for your health and well-being. (That isn’t meant to… Read more »
Tess Lecuyer

I lift weights so I can eat stuff that is not leaves and twigs.
And it is really nice to notice a few months on that my arms look pretty darn good!

I also do something called Iron Yoga – yoga with small barbells. There is lifting weights, then there is doing curls while holding a lunge position. It is pretty badass yet doable and might be something you will like.


Tossing barbells at zombies is an excellent goal