Harvest Approacheth

Harvest Got up this morning, ran–Miss B tried to kill me twice, but both times I won my agility roll–and lifted weights. (Very slow, very light weights, with good form.) I am bracing myself for the huge announcement tomorrow, but for the rest of today, all I have to do is write on the third and final Gallow & Ragged book AND the Sekrit Projekt. Making wordcount is the name of the game today.

And caffeination. Caffeination is key.

The big maple in our back neighbor’s yard is turning and losing leaves by the handful. The recent hot weather probably has everything to do with that. I’m staring to think of fall crops to put in the garden boxes–the cabbage seedlings are doing quite well, and almost ready for transplant. The pennyroyal is having the worst time, I’m coaxing, but it’s stubborn. Mugwort is sprouting like the weed it mimics, and the valerian is doing respectably well in the seedling pots. It will be a couple years before I can harvest any valerian root. And won’t that be a chore, because the stuff stinks like old feet but there is nothing, absolutely nothing like valerian tea for calming the nerves. Kava is pretty good and tastes better, but valerian packs more punch. I should decant that sauerkraut, too.

This is turning into a garden report. Probably because it’s a Monday, and because I’m extremely nervous about announcing said Sekrit Projekt. Also, it’s nearing the end of summer, and the kids are heading back to school soon. Which means shopping, supplies, and that horrid week of adjustment where I keep starting up from the keyboard thinking “it’s too quiet, what the hell is going on?” Part of me enjoys the solitary days, and the other part of me misses the Prince and Princess so badly I almost, almost reconsider home schooling.


Anyway, time to stop nattering about here and get back to Gallow and Robin. Both of them are in deep, deep trouble with no fucks left to give at this point, which means a ticklish bit of writing lies ahead.

Over and out.