Critical Mass

Road Gallow 3 is spiking towards the finish. Which means all other projects are put on the back burner while I choke out the last third of the book all in a rush. After a book reaches critical mass, it starts demanding instead of having to be dragged.

So it’s double coffee in the mornings, the story eating my head all day, and nights of playing piano to wear out the rest of my brain, then falling exhausted and twitchy into bed. Where I will most likely sleep, hallelujah. Modern medicine has performed many wonders, but the best for me personally has been anti-anxiety meds so I can actually get some rest. Lack of sleep does awful things to one.


I had a whole post about how my book-production cycle has changed over the years, but it’s supposed to be near a hundred degrees today and dammit, I need to write a knife fight between two sidhe, so that’s going to have to wait. I also have to write a few more scenes so I know if a certain character lives or dies. He’s wounded pretty badly right now, and he may not make it.

What? No, I’m just as surprised as you are when a character dies. You should have seen me after I wrote Working for the Devil, I was in mourning for damn near a month. I suspected what would happen in the next book, but I wasn’t sure until the ending either…

Ugh. Gallow is prodding my brain with sharp teeth and red-hot irons. Time to get back to work.