BloodCall Yes, ladies and gentlemen, dear Readers all, BLOOD CALL is out today!

Anna Caldwell has spent the last few days in a blur. She’s seen her brother’s dead body, witnessed the shooting of innocent civilians, and been shot at herself. Now she has nowhere to turn-and only one person she can possibly call.

Since Anna dumped him, it seems waiting is all Josiah Wolfe has done. Now, she’s calling, and she needs his help-or rather, the “talents” she once ran away from. As a liquidation agent, Josiah knows everything about getting out of tough situations. He’ll get whatever she’s carrying to the proper authorities, then settle down to making sure she doesn’t leave him again.

But the story Anna’s stumbled into is far bigger than even Josiah suspects. Anna wants to survive, Josiah wants Anna back, and the powerful people chasing her want the only thing worth killing for-immortality. An ancient evil has been trapped, a woman is in danger, and the world is going to see just how far a liquidation agent will go…

Available now at Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

The genesis of this book was a dinner a long, long time ago, when my writing partner and I, a little tipsy, had a waiter named Josiah. I challenged her to write me a book with a Josiah, she challenged me, and now you get to read mine. (Hey, Mel? STILL WAITING. *evil cackle*) My editor at Orbit kept trying to find a way to buy it, and finally succeeded in persuading the bean-counters it could be a good investment.

Let’s prove her right, chickadees, shall we?

As always, thank you for being my faithful Readers, and let me also thank you the way we both like best–with another story. Hey-stay tuned for some Steelflower news as well! (But that’s–say it with me–another blog post…)

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