Scramble, Scurry

ruboneout Yes, that unscheduled break to get a hard drive that wouldn’t crater into my beloved desktop certainly has buggered all sorts of things sideways. I can’t see catching up and have had to put in schedule requests. I HATE doing that. The only thing I loathe more is…hmmm. Maybe paperwork.

We all know how I feel about paperwork.

Today the NYSE stopped trading, China’s economy is in freefall, United crashed, and I heard somewhere that the Wall Street Journal had tanked briefly too. (Can’t find any reputable source for that, though.) I’ve been having fun with the Twittersphere’s humor on this one. Everything from “Skynet!” to “Zuuul!” to “Die Hard movies for realz!”

My writing partner’s response was no phlegmatic. “Wake me when the kaiju come ashore.” Which ended up with us talking about clotheslines and the promiscuity of Apple products. (Really, Macs will mate with ANYTHING. It’s part of what I love about them.)

It’s looking more and more like the sort of day that requires a huge bowl of popcorn and a wide-eyed ability to find humor in anything.

*straps on goggles*

I’m ready.

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“Wake me when the kaiju come ashore.”

1-3 miles out so I can set up the lawnchairs and get the cooler ready.