Lunch and Loomer

dream landscape 2 I am ultra-cranky today. It’s going to hit 105F, yesterday I came down with a touch of heat exhaustion, and my stomach keeps revolving in a most unpleasant fashion.

The Columbia River under hot sun.
The Columbia River under hot sun.
Yesterday was coffee with one friend, luncheon with another, and we sat out on a lovely terrace overlooking the Columbia. McMenamin’s is somewhat of a local fancy. The Princess remarks that their fries are awful, but their tater tots are incredible. “It’s like a deal with the devil,” she says. “One potato product will be hopeless, but another will be FANTASTIC.”

Anyway, their burgers are always delicious if you can convince them to leave the onions off. An allergy to raw onion makes eating out a little adventurous; thank all the gods I’m not allergic to garlic. If I was I’d probably expire of mourning. Life without roasted garlic paste and a sprinkle of sea salt on crusty homemade bread? Not worth it.

I jest, but only halfway.

On the way home, I happened across a gigantic stray dog. (Let’s call him The Loomer.) It was over ninety degrees, and he was far from home and panting. Of course I coaxed him close, got a look at his collar, and called his owner. Then I loaded him in the car. All however-many pounds of drool and tail a Great Dane-Labrador mix he was. Getting him in the back yard was easy, getting him to drink some water even easier. The hard part was keeping Miss B and Odd Trundles away from him. Of course, Miss B LOVES other dogs, but if I’m petting or paying too much attention to them, she Reconsiders That Emotion. Odd Trundles, of course, is a people dog. He dislikes other canines with a passion.

Poor Loomer
Poor Loomer
So B wanted to herd poor Loomer, and Odd wanted to eat him, and both wanted to greet me after I’d been away for a while, and my phone kept ringing as The Loomer’s owner called me from work to make arrangements for me to drop poor Loomer off. It was an interesting hour, and probably the reason for the heat exhaustion. Ever since that one time in San Diego, I’ve been peculiarly sensitive to high temperatures.

Fortunately, it was a short drive to reunite The Loomer with his people. He was thrilled, overheated, and his stomach upset from all the excitement. His owner was so grateful to have him back. Remember, dear Reader, to put your phone number on your pet tag! Without it, people like me can’t help as much as we like, and poor Loomer might have ended up in the shelter instead.

After all that, all I wanted was a quiet cool cave to rest in. The dogs, however, could not rest until they had investigated every trace of Loomer’s presence in the back yard, and Odd in particular wished to eradicate said traces by covering them with his own, erm, fragrance. So to speak.

All in all, it was a pleasant day, but I didn’t get a lick of work done and I slept in a bit this morning to ease the heat exhaustion. Which means I’m double-cranky, barely caffeinated, and now scrabbling to get through two G’mai adai in a bathing tub as well as a pair of Summer sidhe fencing with sharp words and even sharper glamours. It’s going to be over 100F today, and I’m not stepping outside for fear of melting.

I know, right? Such small, small problems in the grand scheme of things.

Off I go, then. Over and out.

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