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The Demon's Librarian So the re-edited Demon’s Librarian is now available in ebook! With an all-new cover that is mantitty-licious!

If you want the revised edition in paper, just look for the new cover. Revisions to paper editions take a while to work through the system.

For those of you who’ve never heard of Chess and Ryan, boy, you’re in for a treat. This is one of my favorite books I’ve ever written, just because it was so much plain FUN.

When demons are preying on schoolchildren in her city, Francesca Barnes does what any red-blooded librarian would—she looks a few things up and goes hunting. But the books she finds in a secret cache don’t tell her the whole story. Chess has no idea what she’s just stepped into—or just how special she really is . . .

Ryan is Drakul, part demon, and a loyal servant of the Order. He doesn’t expect a motorcycle-riding librarian to be messing around with demonic forces, and he doesn’t expect her to smell so damn good. But now he’s got bigger problems. His partner has disappeared, and the forces of Darkness are rising. Now Chess is Ryan’s only hope of finding his partner, and Ryan is Chess’s only hope of survival, because the demons now know Chess exists—and that she is the heir to a long-lost power that could push back their dark tide.

If Ryan can keep her alive long enough, she just might be the key to destroying the demons completely. But Ryan doesn’t know he’s been betrayed by the very Order he serves. And if Chess does, by some miracle, survive, he won’t ever be able to touch her again . . .

The only other book that was nearly this fun was The Damnation Affair, but that’s (say it with me) another story…

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  1. On of the first books I bought of yours! Can you give a hint as to the amount of revision?

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