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cheap therapy

There really is nothing better than bringing a load of plants home and getting them in the ground. The urge to cultivate each inch of the land about one’s cave is ancient, I suppose.

There’s a white fragrant clematis, some marigolds, Japanese blood grass, a lamb’s ear, some rue (worn with a difference, indeed), lemon balm, purple salvia, alyssum…just filling in the corners and edges, so to speak. They didn’t have any mugwort, so I must keep a sharp eye out for the remainder of the summer. Along with true wormwood and rue, mugwort is the last of the trinity of herbs I need for a witch’s garden. Once I have those three, I can continue with the boxes. I have some Powis Castle wormwood, but I need the real stuff. I might even take a whack at growing asafoetida, since a bit of that in a handful of salt will deter most anything in a hurry.

But that’s another story.

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I had to get the odd herbs to grow from seed, this year I have been on the hunt for true licorice (which is what I get for reading about medieval gardens)