A Strange Arena

sleep. This morning I get to carry a struggling beast with icepick claws and very sharp teeth into a strange arena where they will be poked and prodded, and naturally wish to bite me for disturbing their heretofore-tranquil existence in such a manner.

Yep. I’m taking a cat to the vet. We who are about to lose gallons of blood to a tiny fur-bearing demon salute you.

In other news, I cleaned my office this weekend, while it was ninety-eight fricking degrees outside in the shade. Once I get home from the morning’s fun and games (and replace the lost blood, not to mention bandage myself) I’ll be able to dive into Projects One and Two easily. I spent my run yesterday morning getting the next few bits of the arc of each story clear in my head. Now there is only the writing.

Assuming, of course, that said cat hasn’t bitten my fingers off and swallowed them. I wonder if insurance covers the loss of working time I’d have after such an injury?

Yes, today is a day for Cheerful Thoughts.

Wish me luck.

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Good luck with the Fierce Beast … hope you have enough bandages.