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School Daze

Blue Last night’s piano practice was so frustrating I almost took the sledgehammer to the damn thing. Part of the problem is my practices have fallen off lately, what with the end-of-school-year rush. Another part was my exhaustion; my eyelids were still twitching. It takes a while to bounce back after a weekend like the last.

The kids are almost, almost out of school. The poor Little Prince has had a rough transition–going from elementary to middle school is difficult, and it’s made even more so when there are teachers who frankly shouldn’t be teaching. Like the jock teaching Humanities who picks his victims at the beginning of the year, or the math teacher who informs her students “nobody cares” about their input. Before you ask, yes, the issues were addressed with the adults in question, and there is a fine balance to be struck there. On the one hand, I will eat alive anyone who is nasty to my child. On the other, said child is the one who has to deal with the adult day in and day out. Learning how to deal with assholes is a valuable life skill–but dealing with an incredible asshole in a position of power while you’re helpless is something no child should have to face.

So that’s been going on all year. Fortunately the said Humanities jock was informed I was watching early on, so he was forced to find alternative means of getting his gratification. The upshot is, it’s only sixth grade, and next year the Prince will be better prepared and the teachers are more likely to be ones the Princess had. Which means they know me, they know the family name, and things will consequently get easier. I won’t have to make weekly visits.

Also, it’s taken everything I have not to copyedit Jock Humanities’s “newsletters” and send them back full of red ink and the helpful hint that he might want to switch to BCC next year as a courtesy to the parents involved. *eyeroll* You can tell dude isn’t an English major just by the errors he makes, and I’m a little mystified as to why he’s teaching Humanities at all, but oh well. Mine is not to question why, especially since funding’s been cut again and most of the teachers and staff are truly dedicated and marvelous professionals. There’s bound to be a few bad apples anywhere.

So that’s my week, finishing up all little pieces of business left from the school year and easing the transition into summer. Add copyedits and the fact that I’ve got to get this one character out of hitchhiking and into other trouble, and my brain is full of Swiss cheese holes.

No wonder the damn piano is giving me trouble.

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  1. My sympathies to the Little Prince. My grade school went through 6th Grade, so I was kind of ready for Junior High. My kids, on the other hand, had various difficulties coping with Middle School for 6th Grade. I’ve never understood why school systems haven’t noticed that Middle School (6-8) doesn’t work as well as Junior High School (7-9) for 6th Grade students. (I don’t expect any answers. I’m just ranting.)

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