Peace, Finally

Mantra I volunteered this last weekend at the Rose City Book & Paper Fair–I always like to be around books, and it was good to help out local used booksellers. It was a LOT of people, though, and I’m still twitching a bit. My introvert tendencies have solidified; it takes a massive amount of energy to interact that way, and I don’t get an extrovert’s charge off it. So I’m still a bit worn down.

Summer besieges us on every side, green pavilions tall and fair, la-da, la-da. The garden’s doing well. We’re in that phase where it looks extremely messy right before everything comes back together. It’s always thus, in cleaning or gardening–you get to a point where everything’s spread out and you think Christ I should have just left it in its regular mess, this is even worse… But that’s right before the tide turns and everything’s well again.

I just need to tell the hostas that. They’re all up in arms over how ragged their leaves are this year.

Soon the children will be home for the summer, and I’ll be working furiously on Wasteland King and Leva’s story. For right now, though, the house is silent, I’ve a madly purring tortoiseshell cat on my lap, and there are copyedits to finish getting through. And glorious, glorious peace and solitude all day.

*sigh of relief*

Yes, that’s that stuff.