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Road By the time this post is finished the kids will be out of school for the year. Everyone will be heaving a gigantic sigh of relief. It was a difficult year for the Little Prince, indeed, but he’s made it through. Thank goodness.

It’s kind of like the good bits of release day–all this stuff you’ve been working on for months/years is finally done–or the end of a zero draft, when all the energy focused on just finishing the goddamn thing suddenly has nowhere to go because it’s finished, and it sparks and fizzes while whipping around. The end of any huge task is a time of (sometimes explosive) decompression. Unless one is careful, it can be just as damaging and draining as the task itself.

Which means one thing: ice cream.

There’s a very old ice cream franchise tucked away on a hidden street about ten minutes away by car. Sometime today, maybe after dinner, we’ll go, and in between sweet cold bites we’ll do the analysis of the past school year. We’ll finally have achieved enough distance to laugh about some of the hard bits, and groan about some of the embarrassing ones.

Parenting isn’t all cleanup and discipline. It’s also those moments where you take a look at these wonderful creatures who blessed you by using you as a doorway. You opened the space and these amazing, unique, absolutely fantastic human beings stepped through, trusting you completely. It’s like a story birthing itself through you, only far more physically intense. It isn’t often you get to take a look at that and think, wow. Just…wow.

So I intend to use the opportunity to the hilt.

If you need me, I’ll be busy with ice cream, and my two favorite people on earth.

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Kassandra A.
Kassandra A.

They won’t necessarily remember the specifics on their struggles but they WILL remember the quiet (and not so quiet) moments with you, doing the things you love together. It is an amazing evolution to be lucky enough to get the invite to witness.