No Capes

Tongue The Little Prince took a bad spill off his scooter yesterday and hobbled home with both knees bunged up. It’s the first time he’s ever had to limp back after a fall, which may have been why he came in and yelled “I’M BLEEDING!”

I didn’t know I could still move that fast.

On the bright side, he’s got amazing bandages to wear to school. And we know that even at thirteen (practically a grownup, as he tells me) he can still be soothed by Mum’s calm voice.

So, chapter 9 of She Wolf and Cub is up! Geoff goes into battle for Abby’s honor, or something, and Sam is, as ever, shifty as fuck. I love this story so much.

All the art is hung back up in my bedroom. I harvested fava beans yesterday, the werewolf short story that’s eating my head continues apace, and the third Gallow book is at a simmer. There’s still copyedits to deal with, and I have to figure out how to work in a red cape somewhere.

I can just hear Edna LaMode now. “NO CAPES!”

Plus there’s Latin to study. If that and piano doesn’t make my brain a goddamn superhero, I want a refund.

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Wolf Lahti
Wolf Lahti

Piano may well do it for you:

“In musicians, parts of the corpus callosum—the bridge between the two hemispheres—are enlarged, and there’s more gray matter in the cerebellum. While you can’t tell by a glance at someone’s brain if they’re a writer or a mathematician, you can tell if they’re a musician.” [Wired, October 2007]
—Oliver Sacks


There’s no La in E’s name. Is the cape a challenge you have set for yourself, or is it going to be important later in the story, and you want to set it up?

Tess Lecuyer
Tess Lecuyer

Maybe it is a red cake?

Red Hoodie? Red hair extension?

Mmmm. Cake.