Later Morning

Matcha Summer always means I have a couple weeks of adjustment, where I get up later in the morning because I don’t have to get the kids to school, and find out (again and again) that it makes for more grueling heat on my runs. Especially since I’m training for longer distances now. Miss B is getting older, which means she can’t accompany me on as many outings as she used to. Generally she can accompany me when it’s only under 8K and it’s cool enough not to give her problems.

She doesn’t understand my caution. To her, as long as I’m going out, I need to be escorted by her doggy self. My little liver-nosed duenna.

It’s kind of heartbreaking to see her silvering around the muzzle. There’s still a spring in her step, and she still loves to run with me, but more and more on the longer distances she slows down. It gets difficult for her, but she doesn’t like being left at home either. Poor thing.

The result of running later in the morning is also that I get my coffee much later, too. Sometimes I have time to take it before and let it settle, other times the only thing that gets me through a run is thinking when I get home there will be water and caffeine. This morning’s run was no exception–6.45km, slow and sweaty, the sunlight a curse and my route chosen for shade and wind to make it tolerable. There are particular trees blooming near a honeysuckle vine, and I like to pass them and breathe in a shaded, scented calm.

I think I’ve almost run off the release-day stress. Thank you all for your support–I am hard at work on the third Gallow book right now, bringing all the threads together. The plague, the politics, the betrayals and the terror are all mixing to make something unsteady and explosive inside the book’s framework. Things never go well when the Good Folk brush up against humanity.

Why yes, I flinch every time I hear people talking about the Folk as if they’re Disneyfied, toothless, harmless flibbertigibbets. Why do you ask?