AGENT ZERO Cover Reveal!

So, I do this thing–I sometimes write books expressly for my bestie and writing partner Mel Sterling, and then when they’re done I send them to my agent, and somehow or another they sell. (Hedgewitch Queen, I’m looking at you.) So if you’re wondering how I came to write a book about a virus-soaked superspy and a tired, divorced waitress…well, that’s the short version. The long version involves “Jeremy Fucking Renner Talking,” wine, salacious jokes about biology, and lots of hilarious emails where I complain about the characters and Mel laughs at me, and other emails where I send chunks of the books in process guaranteed to make her happy.

So. Here’s the grand cover reveal of Agent Zero!

Agent Zero

After barely surviving an IED while serving his country, Reese was whisked away by a shadowy government agency and somehow…enhanced. Now he’s an agent—smarter, faster, stronger, deadlier—and he executes his missions with cold precision. But when he’s inexplicably drawn to a down-on-her-luck waitress, Reese learns he’s not the emotionless man he thought the agency had made him.

One minute, Holly Candless is getting fifty-buck tips from that strange, but seemingly harmless customer. The next, she’s kidnapped, injected with something and rescued by Reese. Suddenly, they’re on the run from the very government that wants Reese reprogrammed—and Holly dead. Now keeping Holly alive is not only Reese’s primary mission, it’s his sole chance at love…

And their only shot at survival.

Coming September 1, 2015! Pre-order now on B&N and Amazon.

I hope you guys like it when it comes out in September. Now, I’ve got this werewolf priest homage to Ladyhawke to write for Mel.

It’s gonna be a long summer…

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Michael Mock
Michael Mock

I like it. Harlequins aren’t usually my thing (though I do occasionally read romance novels) but throw in viruses and enhanced spies, and I’m all there.


*marking date on calendar*