We painted. Nobody died.

So, yeah. Remember that huge hole in my bathroom wall? The one that was a result of extensive water damage, the one we found all about when it was leaking down to the basement?


Yeah. That. Well, we finally got actual greenboard in there–the Chez’s former owners had tiled directly over drywall. Just…regular drywall, and tiles. This is, I understand, not how things should be. So much so, in fact, that both the plumbers and the general contractor were left shaking their heads. I’d talk about the contractor, but that would require several posts, since he made several visits, and tracking him down to do so was a monumental effort each time. The plumbers, on the other hand, were from Clark County Plumbing, always a delight. (Tell them I sent you.) Seriously, I would call these guys for EVERYTHING if they widened their remit.

So. The shower surround was put in, finally. The trim was installed, hallelujah. (I was running out of goat cheese to give the senior plumber, who is a bit of a gourmand.) Which left just one thing.


Now, I had never painted a room before–a life spent in rentals precludes such things. I’m glad I waited until I had the internet to embark upon this odyssey. Because I researched that motherfucker to a fare-thee-well. There were lists. Tools to acquire. Wide-eyed watching of home improvement videos.

I chose a sage green, did samples, all sorts of prep work. Four trips to the hardware store later, we had everything I thought we’d need. The saga…began. With mold-killing primer.

Primed and Ready
Primed and Ready

It actually wasn’t that bad. Now I know all three of us can fit in an enclosed, sweaty space for hours and not kill each other. Valuable information, that. I marinated in the same sweatshirt for three days, which was the worst part.


The walls used to match the tub. Can you imagine?

Hide it

Now, the masking on the ceiling left a little to be desired, but that’s fixable. And the ugly space heater is still there, but we can cover the tub with the shower curtain. It’s lovely, light and fresh and beautiful. Soon enough I’ll get the space heater taken out (and the one in the master loo for good measure) and the wall patched, and I’ll have enough paint left over to make it all match. The thing that excited me most, though, was the new wall plates for switches and outlets.

So pretty.

Of course, I didn’t replace the actual switches or outlets yet, I’m not brave enough for that. But the plates are green glass, and quite lovely. We even painted the master bath too, which went a lot more smoothly–for one thing, the space isn’t as awkward, and the kids knew what I was talking about when I muttered “cut in, cut in…”

I even put up a new shower rod, and didn’t get a concussion. The dogs weren’t even painted. It was amazing.

And that is how I spent my weekend. Now I need a couple days off to recover, but a set of copyedits is due. So it’s time to make some tea and go right to it.