No Avengers For Me

growupThat’s it. That is absolutely, positively it.

This blows. Instead of wading into the “red ledger” of a complicated person who did seriously heinous acts and is trying desperately to buy redemption with good deeds, we get the character who feels ruined by her barren womb. And even worse, the movie tries to fix it by infantilizing another character into her big baby. (i09)

I’m done. This sucks, because I loved the X-Men with the fierce love of a thousand suns when I discovered them lo those two-decades-plus ago. It also sucks because some parts of Marvel movies are fun, and it’s possible for film directors and Marvel to do these things right.

Instead, we get nineteen overwhelmingly sausage-fest movies, no movie starring a female superhero in sight, the old double standard (Stark or Star Lord can be playboys and it’s fun and funny, but any woman who MIGHT sleep with someone is a whore!) married to rape jokes both onscreen and off, and women reduced to receptacles once again.

And, cherry on this shit pie, people label Whedon a feminist.

Fuck this noise. I’m done.