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Hurry Up, Wait

fall to heaven Now that we’ve successfully painted two rooms, I can’t wait to get my bedroom done. And the hall, which will probably be next. And the living room, which will require a ton of prep–moving bookshelves away from the walls and stuff. The big headache will be the dining room/kitchen–I’ve been looking at the wall spaces in there and what we’ll have to move off the counters, and groaning in anticipation.

I almost want to paint rather than write. In painting, you get to see immediate results. Publishing moves at a glacial pace, when it’s not suddenly the whiplash of “hurry, hurry, Production needs this back because they’re late.” Hurry up and wait, that’s the reality of writing for a living.

The other thing that happens today is the regular six-month dentist’s visit for every biped in the house. This is going to be fun. *eyeroll* Thankfully, that’s the last Thing To Do Outside The House this week. I just finished the copyedit pass on Blood Call, and next up is CEs for the upcoming Agent Zero. Which I have a cover for, now…but I’ll show you that later this week. Got to have something to anticipate.

In between all that, though, I have a werewolf cop to write, in a slightly futuristic world. This is going to be fun…