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Common Fellows

Pine needles make good food.
Pine needles make good food.

Someone’s writing a book with mushroom hunters (not me, not me) and so I am taking pictures of whichever ones I come across. Spring’s the best time, with the rains coming in, but you can find them in damp spots all summer long–if you know where to look. Anyway, these fellows are pretty common, they crop up in yards with a bunch of pine needles. Not fir, pine. This particular spot is a couple inches thick with said needles, and it looks very congenial–the shroom-tops are about the size of my spread hand.

B doesn’t get why I stop and examine these. They don’t run away, so they can’t be heeeeeerded, and they don’t smell good enough to roll in. She’s consistently trying to nose me along while I pause to make sure the pic is in focus. If mushrooms ever evolve to be ambulatory, she’ll have a fine time rounding them up…

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  1. That looks like a Scaly Lentinus (Neolentinus lepideus), which prefers the acidic soils of coniferous forests and so should be equally happy on pine or fir. The ‘shrooms on my property like cedar and hemlock just fine.

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