Await Developments

happy Eighty degrees and sunny one day, fifty-eight and raining the next. If you don’t like the weather here, just wait a day or so and something new will come along. (It’s more often fifteen minutes than a whole day, but the principle is the same.)

Today the plumbers come to move everything back a bit so the shower surround can go in. I just want this to be DONE, my God. I’m told this is a common feeling for homeowners. It’s much better than waiting for a landlord to eventually fix something–ten-plus years I spent in the old place, and was still waiting for some things to be fixed when we moved out. It’s a little different when it’s one’s own. Still, I would love to be able to give Odd Trundles his bath upstairs.

I turned in a seven mile run yesterday. That is, 11.3km, at 7:21 per km. Which is right where I should be according to this training plan. I’m slightly sore this morning, but overall not bad. Sadly, though, that’s way too many kilometers at once for Miss B, who is getting older. Anything 8 or above, I’ve taken to leaving her at home for. She dislikes this mightily, but such is life. I won’t risk her hips or paws; she is beginning to gray around the muzzle and is a little slower than she used to be during certain events.

However, she still bilocates while chasing squirrels. It will take more than a few years of doggy aging before that goes away.

Yeah, about that…the new Siamese next door (long story) has discovered her hunting instincts. She’s smaller than most of the arboreal rodentia at this point, and they have so far managed to elude her–but kittens grow up, and she is already too quick for their comfort. We saw one of her attempts last night during dinner, and the Princess turned to me with her eyes shining. (She cat-sits in the neighborhood, and loves this particular kitten.)

“Maybe there’ll be more SquirrelTerror!” she said. “But next door!”

“Yeah, that would be great,” I muttered. “As long as I’m wearing shoes.”

Maybe I should warn the neighbors. Or, you know, I could just await developments…