Technically, Rest

Storm coming in Panama City Beach, FL Yesterday afternoon, after a day of my sinuses jabbing me with rusty spikes all day, we got the promised storm. It culminated in a flash of lightning right overhead and a big boom immediately afterward. The storm passed pretty directly over the house, and it even made Trundles take sleepy notice. Miss B, of course, was cowering under my desk when the first rattle-booms began in the distance. I turned my desktop off, and we all congregated in the living room to watch the hail come down sideways–even B, who will brave thunder for my sake, but is never happy about it.

So that was all our excitement yesterday. It was quite enough for me. Afterwards, the dogs refused to go out into the backyard unattended, and Trundles clearly expected me to carry him over the cold, cold hail strewn on the ground. His poor delicate paws, you see. I just laughed at him, and he gave me a filthy look before trotting off to bedew a hosta or two.

Still haven’t heard back from the Inktera/PageFoundry people. I’ve pulled my self-pubbed books from the PageFoundry distribution channel–not like any of them ever sold through there, and Smashwords made it very clear none of the books were going into the Clean Reader app, but it’s the principle of the thing. PageFoundry got their fingers singed, and I guess they won’t be answering any questions from plebes like me who make the books they want to profit from. I’m still curious, but my curiosity is now tinged with disdain and no little suspicion.

It’s time for me to head out for a very short, very easy run. Technically today is a rest day, but I’ve got that feeling of crackling discomfort, and I need a clear head before diving back into gutting and reworking Blood Call. The editor is right about several things in the book; I just have to figure out what surgery will fix them…