First Calla


The first calla lily of the season! Somewhat fuzzy, but that’s user error, not my camera.

It makes me so happy. I love callas.

Yesterday was Take Your Child to Work Day. The kids thought they’d beg off school. Little did they know that I would assign them work–the Princess read One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and the Little Prince wrote a one-page report on the difference between sedimentary and igneous rocks, which I typed out for him. For lo, I am a cruel and unjust mother, and that hour and a half of work apiece really cut into their goofing-off time.

I jest. They both worked with good grace and cheerfulness, and it made them appreciate the time off even more. I got lucky when the dispensary was handing out kid temperaments, I guess.

Spring has turned cold, but not freezing, and the hostas are coming up. The astilbe have begun to break ground, too. All in all, I can’t wait to see the garden in a few years, when things have really had the chance to settle. I finally have a true home, instead of being a temporary guest for most of my life.

It feels good.