Back to Work, Avec Cake

Macro Monday The Princess got a mad bee in her bonnet about making a cake yesterday evening. It was quite the event, the fridge used to cool various things and the frosting gun coming out of hiding. (You cannot possibly chortle harder over “frosting gun” than I did, by the way.) Dinner was a perennial favorite of the children–egg noodles in butter sauce with sliced fresh tomatoes over the top.

It’s such a favorite, in fact, that they were too full to even think of cake after dinner. (So was I.) Which means this morning, the direct (and not so direct) longing and wishing and hinting for cake has been…rather intense. No sweets before breakfast or after evening toothbrushing is the rule, which meant they had to have toast…and then cake.

"Get the gun and bring in the cocoa."
“Get the gun and bring in the cocoa.”

Such is the hard, hard life of a writer’s child.

Today is for Blood Call revisions. I wanted to push to get them done this past weekend, but between AP study sessions for the Princess and various other activities for the Little Prince (not so little anymore) I was kept running from dawn to dusk.So n ow, it’s back to my “assassin gets a call from old girlfriend, then, HIJINKS!” novel.

So, I’m off to get through the rest of revisions. I’ll tell you later about how Blood Call came to be written. It involves my writing partner and a waiter…