psychoanalysed It’s one of those days when irritation boils just below the skin. I can’t wait for a run to shake the fidgets out, to get rid of the unpleasant prickles. B can’t wait either, she keeps nosing at me. “NAO? NAO? WE RUN NAO?” Even loading her in the car to drop the Prince off at school didn’t ease her; she still thinks that if she doesn’t keep physical contact with me I might escape and run without her.

No further answer from the Inktera people. I’m not really surprised–it’s not like they’re going to care very much what I think, or attach much importance to answering me. Still, I’m curious, and this is a significant black mark on PageFoundry’s record as far as I’m concerned. Authors don’t forget something like that.

If you’ve noticed a bit of dust and banging about here lately, it’s because the marvelous Skyla has been hard at work redesigning the site. I think it’s coming along swimmingly.

The kids and I fell into Cookie Clicker over the weekend and could barely escape. Now the Prince has me trying out Clash of Clans. It’s fun to see this stuff he’s been talking about for a while now, and he is utterly thrilled that Mum is showing more interest. “YOU’RE playing Clash? YAY let me tell you everything and make a clan JUST FOR US TWO!” Heh.

Other than that, there’s revisions going on. I’m gutting and rewriting significant bits of Blood Call, and there’s another pass to take on Agent Zero. Which means I’d better get out the door, so I can come back, make a pot of tea, and start my timer for twenty-minute chunks for the rest of the day.


All right, let’s kick Tuesday right in the pants.