No More Skin

Day 30: Kerplunk! It’s a Monday. Which means this morning was full of coffee grounds and boiling water slopped all over me from my little espresso machine. It’s given signal service for years now, and needs a bit of careful coddling every now and again. Ah, well, at least I got yesterday off to recover after the bag sale at Cover to Cover.

The bookstore is closing–the fire put a huge dent in its business plan, and people have been coming in to find books, but not buying them. No, instead they check their phones with the airs of connoisseurs, right before they go home and order the book off Amazon to “save” a few bucks, completely disregarding the fact of the petrol spent to drive their silly asses around. You have no idea how many people did that.

*sigh* So many people came out for the bag sale. The regulars were sad the store’s closing, but there was also a certain class of vultures picking at the corpse, and that was infuriating and heartbreaking.

On the bright side, this means my writing partner will have way more time to finish a certain carnival book for me. And there will be less weird emotional vampires walking in and expecting to find trapped prey.

To this of you who were wondering what happened with SKIN: well, I got a few messages from very entitled people scolding me for not producing free content fast enough to suit them. That had one, and only one, response from me: no more SKIN at all.

I’m wondering if people were always this entitled and the internet’s just showing us what was there all along. Not like it matters, the end result is the same.

Anyway, since I took yesterday off, today is for more revisions on Rose and Thunder–my upcoming retelling of Beauty and the Beast–and chores that I didn’t get to. The wind seems to be pulling a new weather front in, which means the cedars along the back fence are shaking their green veils. I put two more roses in the ground, as well as some rosemary and dill, and the favs are coming along nicely. If we don’t have a hard freeze in the next month, I will be congratulating myself on an early start in the garden.

*wanders off, mumbling to self*