Chilled Clear Through

Blue iceI have decided this week I’m going to finish SKIN,* do the revisions on Rose & Thunder (my retelling of Beauty & the Beast) and get serious wordcount on Cal & Trinity done. All that, and piano lessons, daily running (I’m back on the daily plan, and it feels good) and a whole lot of tea. If there’s any errands to be done, too bad, I’m busy with the wordage.

Of course, that’s the plan. We’ll see what actually happens.

Last night was stormy–actual thunder, which we don’t often get in these parts. Miss B huddled against me, shaking hard enough to wake me once or twice when things got loud. Poor girl. I hugged her and went back to sleep, but this morning she’s tired, too. So there was no run for her this morning, which was okay because it was extremely damp. More like swimming than running, and the Mad Tortie was at the door when I arrived home, damp and very disgruntled.

Serves her right for sneaking outside.

Anyway, I am chilled clear through even after a shower and dry clothes. Time for tea, and to get another chapter of Kori’s adventures written. I won’t be very communicative today; my raw edges are on display and every small brush is painful. A retreat from the world is in order, methinks.

* Well. It didn’t take long for someone to ruin that. SKIN is now removed from Wattpad, and will remain so.