Skeleton Right

swac Fireside issue #20 is out! Which means another chapter of She Wolf and Cub is out, too. Abby and Geoff, sandworms (so many homages to Dune in this thing, OMG) and gore, oh my.

Yesterday was full of appointments that necessitated the leaving of the house, which went as well as could be expected. We’re having a rather mild winter, not counting the icecapades earlier, so there was actual sunlight. That’s one thing about the Pacific Northwest–one day you can have all your windows down, the next you’re in a sweater because it’s chilly. The favas are doing incredibly well, and I’ve put the paperwhites back into the ground where they belong. In another couple years they’ll bloom again, this time outside with their white Narcissus habits. I’m considering a cold frame or two, just to extend the growing season for greens.

For today, though, there is tea, and words that must be written. I finally got those two characters out of the kissing scene and into a pickup truck, and I suspect the book feels disjointed because so far I’ve skipped over the secondary characters and the “villain” POVs. I tend to fill out the primary character arcs first, then go in and do the secondary–mostly because each “secondary” scene has to pull double its own weight, teaching us something about the secondary characters AND about the main shape of the plot. I don’t want to go back and begin the interstitial weaving just yet. I want the skeleton right before I drape the flesh on it, so to speak.

And with that lovely mental image, I shall leave you, dear Readers. There’s a couple book releases coming up, so stay tuned for that.

Over and out.