Tea and Irritation

quote-card-lilith-saintcrow No huge post today. We’re almost out of milk and the Agent Zero revisions are calling my name. I finished the sample chapters for Agent Trinity yesterday, so there’s that, and the story is bubbling and boiling in the back of my head. Proof pages for Trailer Park Fae are due to land on my doorstep today, and I really need to decide which project I’m going to work on in addition to already-contracted ones.

Just to keep myself limber. Also, I like to produce something just for me even while I’m working on contracted stuff. Sometimes it ends up as just a trunk novel, but other times something sellable comes out. My “pad” of unsold novels has gotten a little thin–there’s only three or four–so I need to thicken it a bit. I still haven’t decided what to do with Rattlesnake Wind, either.

So if you hear mad clicking and the occasional “oh goddammit” in the distance today, that’s just me revising, fueled by tea and irritation.

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Whatever you write, I’d love to read 🙂 I know you mentioned, but I have forgotten, is Rattlesnake Wind a novel? Or would it be short enough to be put in an anthology of writings? Say, along with Skin? And maybe She wolf and Cub? I purchased Pack as soon as it went live =o) Always looking forward to works!!! Hope Bannon & Clare pop up again.


if I can hear the :dammnit: over this way, (the east wind does mess with the travel of sound lately) then I know things are good.

means you are working on something good.


Awesome sauce. Just bought Pack and Unfallen. Am rubbing palms together in anticipatory delight. 😀