Scurry Scurry Scurry

pdr essays I have a monstrous headache but that’s all right, because my copy of the Public Domain Review book came! I love the PDR, it’s one of my very favorite websites. Their shop is full of wonders, as well. Much recommend, many geeky happy.

Also, I have hot tea, so that’s good. Today has been a mad scurry, scurry, scurry, doing all sorts of errands and putting out all sorts of fires. (You can tell because it’s taken me until four in the afternoon to post anything.) My day began with a chat with one of the Prince’s school counselors. (Nothing awful, just checking in and fine-tuning. I am that most terrifying of beasts: a concerned mother.) Then there were school supplies to wrangle, a trip to the grocer’s to undertake, a massive knucklebone brought home for the canine population of Chez Saintcrow, other to-and-fro-ing. I got home, inhaled a salad, and then went straight for the choco. Being social before 10am, and especially being social while unwashed–though neatly attired and with the Fabulous Hat firmly wedged on my head to cover the bird’s nest–is never my idea of a good time.

Speaking of the bird’s nest, my God, how do people with short hair do it? It’s been so long since I’ve had hair that qualifies as “short” that I am a little at a loss. It just does things I don’t want it to do, constantly. On the bright side, there seem to be some grays in there. I have been waiting for gray hairs for AAAAAAAGES. I think with my eyes I could really rock some frizzy gray hair.

Stay tuned for some more re-release news tomorrow, and stay dry, chickadees. It is extremely rainy here, which is just the way I like it, and moss is growing over everything. But I have dry feet (finally) and hot tea (ahhhh) and…oh, God, there’s a stack of proofs to get done.

I knew I was missing something.

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RT Boyce
RT Boyce

There are two kinds of hair:
1. my hair never does anything, no matter how much I try to get it to do what I want
2. my hair is always up to something, no matter how much I try to get it to do what I want

Sounds like you have hair type #2!


Hey at least you missed out on male pattern baldness. Stupid hair around your ears and dumb looking wisps on top. And my wife threatened to make me wear a wig if I tried to rock the Yule Brenner look.