Mental Muscles

quote-card-lilith-saintcrow That’s right, Pack is on sale through the holiday season. A story to keep you warm, as it were.

Frost is thick over everything this morning. I’ll have to wait a bit before I head out on my run. Fortunately it’s a short one–I’ve finished one training program and begun another, this one designed to build my base. So it’s kind of like going back to square one, though not to the place where I couldn’t run for thirty seconds without gasping and wanting to puke and pass out, not necessarily in that order. Instead of pushing myself through a long run, instead I’m forcing myself to stop just when I’ve gotten warmed up. It’s exercising a different set of mental muscles, that’s for sure.

Also exercising a different set of mental muscles: piano practice. I now have the third minuet down and am working on refining it, and have moved on to a polonaise. I picked through the right-hand bit of it last night during practice. Going back to the beginning in my old lesson-book is beginning to bear fruit, I’ve slowed down and am playing even the three-minute-theory bits several times, really thinking about what it’s supposed to teach me. Since my teacher’s gone to Florida–I wanted to shift to another teacher, but the receptionist at the lessons-place was so rude and dismissive to me I decided not to–I’m left to pick through on my own, using the internet to answer questions I can’t figure out for myself. It’s nice to have a teacher, but it’s also nice to go at my own pace, beating my head on the problems in my own fashion. I’m sure I’m not playing Bach right, of course, but it satisfies me and that’s all I care about now. Once I have the minuets in my fingers I’ll slow down again and play with the metronome. It’ll be a whole new series of problems for me to gnash my teeth over!

I meant to get the sample chapters for Agent Trinity done yesterday, but finishing The Poison Carnival seems to have scraped my brain dry. I barely squeezed a thousand words out. Today, though, I’m ready and raring to go, and my (short and freezing) morning run will be devoted to getting the next scene or two right inside my head. Later, the whole skeleton and arc of the book will become apparent, but right now I have to find the right beginning. Start well to end well, I guess.

I should also haul the Yule tree out of storage. The kids have been giving little longing glances at our neighbor’s light-bedecked house. Tis the season, and all that.

Back to it, then. Let us kick Tuesday in the pants, dear Readers.