Sock Monkeh!

Sock Monkeh SOCK MONKEH, avec embarrassing bulge, in honor of the orgy of capitalism and greed that is about to ensue. I actually snapped this some time ago, and sent it to the Selkie with the threat that I was going to buy one for her, so he could help her write.

Her reply was sufficiently unrepeatable as to scorch my phone. Heh.

Yesterday was full of ham, stuffing (once a year I get to eat all the Stove Top I want; sadly, I usually only end up wanting about a cup of it. BUT I COULD HAVE MORE, IF I WANTED!) and mashed russets, greens (Bandit, our remaining cavy, got a generous handful of fresh kale) and challah bread. True to form, half the challah disappeared before dinner could be had.The kids had fizzy apple juice, and I broke into the wine early. (Honestly, nobody expected any less.)

The older I get, the more I value a quiet holiday.

Anyway, today is for listening to Sir Mix A Lot and getting back into the swing of sample chapters and more of the second Gallow book. Kids and dogs are still sleeping, the coffee is beginning to sink in, and I plan on being nowhere near a mall, ever.

All together now: Ahhhh.

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bow down before your Monkey Overlords!

Mel Sterling
Mel Sterling

On my smartfone ce bulge was not so apparent. Lord have mercy.

Glad you left him in his holiday best there on that shelf. Whew.

Besides, my OTHER sockmonkeys (there are 4, you know) would have had to kill and eat him.

Michael Mock
Michael Mock

I’ve been enjoying a quiet holiday, myself; the only shopping I’ve done is online, and I haven’t actually bought anything; it’s all just sitting in my cart. Now I’m trying to decide whether I should watch the bad horror movie, the even worse horror movie, or the truly bad action movie. Or just go to bed. Going to bed is always an option.