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New Watchers!

Dark Watcher Well, not quite new. More like, re-edited and re-released with a BRAND NEW COVER. Yep, that’s right–all my old ImaJinn books are getting brushed up (it’s every writer’s dream, to be able to go back and edit something after it’s been published, right?) and given fresh new covers to boot.

How did this happen? Well, BelleBooks acquired ImaJinn, and I was offered a the chance to revise and get lovely new covers. (If I keep going on and on about the covers, it’s because that’s one of the many things authors have little to no control over, and it’s really, really nice to get old ones, well, fixed.)

Dark Watcher was the first book I ever sold, over a decade ago. Getting a chance to revisit it was pretty marvelous. After weeping vigorously about the number of sins I committed in text (if you’re not looking at stuff you wrote even six months ago and cringing a little, you’re not growing as a writer, I always say) I set to work, and the result is respectable, if I do say so myself. If you like my earlier paranormal romance work, with my trademark blood and violence, this might be right up your alley.

Right now the new e-edition of Dark Watcher is available through Amazon (oh, the irony) and Barnes & Noble, but the changes should propagate out to other platforms as the year winds down. I’m told all four of the initial books will be released again by the end of the year, and I’ll announce each one here. That means Storm Watcher, Fire Watcher, and Cloud Watcher will be out by the end of the year, all shiny and new again. Next year is for the Society series, and everyone’s favourite (demon’s) librarian. Again, I’ll be announcing the new editions here, and please, if you want to buy them, make sure you’re getting the ones with the new covers! Getting the paper ones in stock might take a little longer. Sorry about that.

This bit of news has been long in the offing, and I’m so excited to finally be able to announce it I’m wriggling in my chair. (I know, that’s a mental image you didn’t need. You’re welcome!) And now I have to get back to work, making more words for you. Best job in the world, more days than not.

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Raven Blackburn

I love the new cover and what marvelous opportunity for you to work on stuff that was published before.


omigod, look at Dante! I cannot wait to take a look at the new editions. I have always, always loved these books, i re-read them about once a year, and I can’t wait to see what you have done with them. Japh and Danny were first for me, but Theo and Dante have always held a special place in my heart…


Amazing news! But what about Mindhealer?


Love the Watchers 😀 My first intro into your books and I was excited when I saw this blog name. I’m wondering, any chance you’re going to revisit this world for another book? Or maybe Demon’s Librarian book 2. I know you’ve said before it’s not likely but just wondering *angelic smile*