Silk Road #10 One of the things about regular running is the glory of taking a rest day. Just one at a time, though, because if I don’t run for a couple days, I start feeling itchy and dissatisfied, everything under my skin crawling. It makes me wonder what might have been if I’d known cross-country running was done mostly alone in high school. Of course, I loathe team sports and even at that tender age I had very little patience for the verbal abuse often masquerading as “coaching” in schools–I was getting enough of that at home, thanks–but if I could have run, alone, for significant periods of time…I just wonder. Of course I couldn’t have let anyone at home know I liked it, or it would have been taken away, but still.

I’ve also regained my balance after the past week. I’m seeing the funny side of everything now, which is good. Once I start seeing the absurdity, it means I’m okay.

Anyway, today is a rest day. I’m within striking distance of finishing Rattlesnake Wind and near the big crisis of the second Gallow book; I plan on trying to finish them both at the same time. Hopefully it won’t make liquified brain matter slide out my ear-holes. We’ll see.

There’s motion happening on Steelflower 2, though it might not seem like it. Someone suggested I look into funding it through Patreon instead of Kickstarter. It would mean changing that to a monthly patron thing, and doing the book as a serial with a chapter every month. What do you guys think of that option? (Note that I might not be swayed by any opinion but my own on the whole thing, but I’m still asking.) My agent and I are discussing how long we should wait for publishers to decide go/no go. So things are happening, they’re just behind the scenes.

And with that, it’s time to turn up the music (a lot of Ennio Morricone today) and get started on the day. Damn the torpedoes and the liquified brains, and full speed ahead…

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Harry Kachline

‘Or it would have been taken away…’ Done to kids millions of times, I’m guessing, by their own families. Neither Kodak nor Hallmark moments, unless ther’s a new ‘abuse’ genre.


I prefer Kickstarter for novels… Looking forward to Steelflower 2 (and maybe, just maybe something else in the Demon’s Librarian world!)


I tried cross country in school and failed miserably at it. I wanted to be able to do it, but didn’t know how to build up my running level at the time and the coach and fellow runners were of no help — they all just said don’t stop running, while I could barely breathe. If I had something like the Couch-to-5k program, I might have pulled it off.

Both Patreon and Kickstarter are good options. It really just depends on what works best for you.


I’m seeing the funny side of everything now,

always a good thing…


I will take Steelflower 2 anyway I can get it.


Just sayin… I will buy the e-book “Steelflower 2” (kindle) however you decide, but would prefer to get the entire book at one point.


I agree with Kelly….. However I can get the book!!

Katherine C.

I too would take more Steelflower any way i can get it.


I would prefer the entire Steelflower 2 story at once. Also, I prefer paperback books to ebooks and if it’s released as a serial, it will be a very long time (if ever) before a paperback copy is available. (I have Selene in paperback and I know it was originally a serial) That said, I will do almost anything to read Steelflower 2. If it has to be a serial for it to happen, then fine. Let’s do this.