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It Never Does

come n say 'hello' to my new friend This morning, running behind the Little Prince’s old school, a dragonfly kept pace with me and Miss B for a long while. I would have thought it too cold for such a companion, but there he was, buzzing along.

Miss B, of course, didn’t care that we were accompanied. She was too busy tripping over her own paws, craning her neck to see if anyone else had brought their canine to the park for walkies. The lure of another furry four-legs is impossible for her to resist; it’s right up there with schoolbuses and potentially sticking her nose up the UPS guy’s shorts. Yesterday she launched herself towards the front door from the stairs, a banner event that ended with an inglorious splat and me scolding her roundly because she could have broken a leg, for God’s sake. She, of course, hung her head, but none of the scolding penetrated. *sigh* It never does.

Today’s Election Day, I sent in my ballot last week, like a good little civics-trained monkey. Even if you disagree with me on politics, please vote. Like the Rude Pundit, I dream of voter turnout some day reaching two-thirds, and I further dream of the rampant disenfranchisement of college kids and people of color sinking into the stream of history as an embarrassing, deservedly failed gambit by silly plutocrats.

Hey, everyone can have a dream, right?

I’m considering dusting off the old podcast. I have the microphone, and some royalty-free music to put on there, but god damn it if I hate editing soundclips together to make it sound halfway decent. Maybe I’ll just do a reading of a chapter? I wonder…if I was to do a reading, which book would you guys like to hear a chapter from?

There, that’s my intense question for the day. Now I get to go make tea, then get Gallow and Robin into a whole heap of trouble involving the Wild Hunt. Also, I need to figure out when a character in another book drowns. Choices, choices.

And that, I suppose, is all I have to say this morning.

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I love the NW dragonflies. I fully agree about the voting as well. There has to be a better way than shuffling little bits of paper around the state, though.


something new would be nice…

and I am on my way to drop my ballot into the box at city hall

Sean Coleman

ahh yes thank you for reminding me elections are just around the corner also drowning one could do it while learning to swim or while in the water or if child/ pool safety is to be believed in as little as 6 to 20 cm of water depending on age although i must say if you could arrange the drowning in a desert that’s been experiencing a drought i would find it most fascinating although water boarding is out as it seems a little too obvious

Michelle M.

If you’re considering doing a reading, I would love to hear a chapter from The Iron Wyrm Affair.