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Fantastic Hat

A quilled snowflake The weather report’s been screaming about possible snow for a little while, but there’s nothing but cold and wind outside. It is nice and dry after the last few days, so if any of the white stuff comes down, it’ll probably stick. Which means people will go mad on the roads. Also, I should put the tire chains in the trunk, if I haven’t already. Better safe than sorry, as the Selkie and the Boy Scout always say.

Speaking of the Selkie, she got me the most fantastic hat ever.

Warm and fuzzy.
Warm and fuzzy.

I’ve been wearing it pretty much everywhere during the cold snap, and people keep complimenting it. Apparently the Selkie has FABULOUS taste, but then, we knew that. I will probably be able to wear it when my hair grows out, too–it’s stretchy enough to cover the mane. I may never walk around bareheaded ever again.

At least, not until it warms up.

I’m still hard at work on copyedits for Trailer Park Fae (I feel compelled to note once again that the title was not my idea.) Fortunately, Kin is put to bed, and I think there’s nothing left for me to do until it comes out in March. I want to get the zero drafts of Rattlesnake Wind and Gallow 2 (this is the follow-up book to Trailer Park Fae) done before the end of November, and now I can announce that Agent Zero and its follow-up book (as yet untitled) have both sold to Harlequin! I’ll have more details on that as soon as I get them. My agent, the fabulous Miss M, is chasing down the possibility of getting a publisher interested in Steelflower 2–once she has an idea of if that’s likely to happen I’ll start making decisions.

I have thought (long and hard) about and crunched the numbers for the Kickstarter for Steelflower 2, but the ridonkulous amount of money necessary for that to be viable–we’re talking $15K minimum, to cover time off from other projects as well as editing, cover art, and various other incidental expenses like perks–rather unnerves me. I would much prefer to have a publisher in my corner on that one, since even a small press will ease the burden of editing, cover art, and the numerous quality control arrangements necessary. I’m not willing to have Kaia’s story get any less than quality care.

On the bright side, Rose & Thunder (one of my retellings of Beauty and the Beast) is close to the start line, and the Anna Beguine books may have another incarnation soon.

So, while it might look like I’m just lounging around popping writerly bonbons into the Muse’s gaping maw, really I’m madly juggling chainsaws behind the scenes. Got to get a lot done before publishing shuts down (again) for months around the holidays.

Speaking of which, I’d better get back to those damn CEs. The wind is still up, no sign of snow yet, but copyediting waits for no woman. Or something.

Stay warm out there, chickadees.

5 thoughts on “Fantastic Hat”

  1. lol, I’m 1k works into NANOWRIMO and you’re writing schedule puts me to shame. One of these days it would be cool to see a calendar of one of your work weeks. Like how many hours outlining, writing, editing and how many different stories you might jump between in a week. 🙂

  2. Aww nuts. I was so hoping kickstarter would be your answer. I refuse, though, to totally give up hope that an editor somewhere, someday, will have the wisdom to push Steelflower forward. A girl can still dream.

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