And Winning

Spy vs Sci 518 Today is the day to watch V for Vendetta one more time, and fall in love with Hugo Weaving’s voice again. I’m reminded of a particular meme–“Badassery is bringing knives to a gunfight. And winning.”

Another day, another five-mile run, though I suspect Miss B, getting on in years, will be forced to stay home. Another round of the Prince dragging his feet, too. Middle school is much harder than elementary, and the poor kid has a bit of adjustment shock. It’s not helped by several of his coevals using the loosened restrictions to act like little savages. All of a sudden the behaviour of the parents in the parking lot starts to be visible in their little darlings. *eyeroll* Why is it so difficult for people to wait their turn and behave reasonably?

I have about ten more scenes to write in Rattlesnake Wind, and the second Gallow book is heating up; we’re about to have the earth open up and the double-crossing of everyone by everyone else begin. I’ll probably finish Rattlesnake first, since it’s the one currently eating my brain, but daily wordcount on Gallow 2 is the order of business. There’s revisions for She Wolf and Cub serial chapters as well, and CEs for the first Gallow book landed in my inbox.

No rest for the wicked, even on the fifth of November. There’s chili to make, too. I’m trying cranberry beans this time, we’ll see how they stack up against the black bean variety. All hail chili experimentation.

Now, back to work. The revolution ain’t gonna write its own stories, man.

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cranberry beans? oh my…