Super Flail time

psychoanalysed Another weird weekend, weather-wise and life-wise. It’s like the week is saving up for a gigantic splurge of “OMFG” on Saturdays and Sundays. If it’s not kids making Questionable Choices it’s dogs thinking it’s the End of the World, or the weather deciding hail and thunder is a Good Idea. The Selkie had raptor troubles, and life is imitating her art to such a wicked degree now I fear she’ll write about an author whose friends have various nasty things happen to them (as one does) and the result will be even MORE weirdness here a la Chez.

I’m waiting on a couple things before I make a decision on Steelflower 2. Whatever that decision is, I’ll let you guys know. Thanks for all the awesome feedback and suggestions! I’m sorry I couldn’t reply directly to all of them. I am very, very grateful.

And now it is time for to get back to work. The revisions on Agent Zero are nipping at my heels, and I’m finishing off a little Keymaster today, as well as getting back into producing serious wordcount on the second Gallow book. In other words, SUPER FLAIL TIME ACTIVATE.

Enjoy your Monday, chickadees. I’ll be wearing the tinfoil hat and talking to myself over here. So, just as usual.

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