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Steelflower Suggestions Now Open!

steelflower All right, guys. I’m crunching numbers and making preparations to POSSIBLY Kickstart for the second Steelflower book.

What I need to know is this: what rewards would you guys like to see? It’s a considerable chunk of money, not least because I have to live while writing it and Kickstarter and Amazon both take a bit of it. Also, if this goes well I might even be able to crowdfund the third and final book in the series–but let’s not get away from ourselves, hm?

So, please use the comments section below to suggest what rewards would make it worthwhile to back such a thing. I promise only to take such suggestions into consideration.


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You want to offer as few physical rewards as possible. A limited print edition at $100 (not less, IMHO) + s&h. Signed cover prints only if it’s really, really easy for you to do that–like you’re printing them out and signing them yourself, not relying on any other cogs. Bookmarks are fun and pretty inexpensive especially if you can design them yourself/have someone reliable who will do it for you for cheap.

Short stories are king for stretch goals, in my experience. People want those more than they want any other kind of physical objects. Funny, that readers want stories. 🙂


I’m in simply for the story! That said, a signed something, minor character naming, etc.

Dameon d'Arcy King

I’m joining the chorus who feel the opportunity to read book two would be more than enough reward!


Being able to read the books would be enough reward for me!

As for ideas on how to best maximize kickstarter ROI, I suggest talking to some people you know who may have used kickstarter (using your networking is great for these sorts of topics).

Here are some success stories/crowdfunding ideas/etc. that might be helpful:

Info about how to use/not use Kickstarter:

One author’s info on how his kickstarter project went & his take on those (authors) who used kickstarter wisely:’s Pros & Cons of kickstarter for writers:

Copyblogger’s Warts & All Guide to Kickstarter:


What about $50 and you get to read a scene written from D’ri’s point of view? For example, the scene where he first meets Kaia in the forest and she keeps rejecting him? That would be awesome to read his thoughts. Or the scene where they’re sharing a room at the inn and she’s like don’t even make a move.

Sherry Bovinet

i would donate regardless of prizes. I just really would like to see the sequel as Steelflower is my favorite all time fantasy novel.


Artwork, signed bookmarks, free copy at the highest level of donation, please just write it! I will pay!


Like everyone else who has commented, I would love to see this happen and would be happy to chip it!

FWIW, I’d also add that anything extra we ask for adds to the total cost of the project, whether it’s labor, paper or time. This is NOT a criticism, it’s just something to keep in mind.

Sandra Mei
Like ce_murphy said, the least amount of physical objects as possible would be best for you since they can be expensive to make and ship out, not to mention the time involved in that process. Time I’m assuming you don’t have much of to dedicate to a personal project while juggling your publishers and other books. I don’t think a reward is necessary for lower end donations ($5-25) bc fans are saying they are willing to help this along just to get the next story. $25-60 could earn name recognition in the thank-yous (yes it sounds slightly conceited, but it… Read more »

I would contribute just to be able to read the book.