So That Happened

Oh, yes. Do try to mess with me. I'm hungry.
Oh, yes. Do try to mess with me. I’m hungry.
Last week was a little rough. I can at least hold my head up, so to speak. Taking the high road and behaving well is not just for the internets, folks. Plus, there were hijinks! Not by me, no. When the Selkie does her post about it I’ll be able to say more, but she gets pride of place.

So. It’s Monday. What’s going on here at the Chez?

* I’m doing revisions on Agent Zero, which has been bought but I don’t know what the end title will be. (Recent events have driven home that even titles are not in the author’s control. Sigh.) It will kick off a brand-new duology, one I’m having so much fun with it’s almost obscene.

* I have discovered that ripping CDs into one’s iTunes is strangely soothing, especially in the middle of a breakup where you don’t have the bandwidth to do serious work. Who knew?

* I am within spotting distance of finishing Rattlesnake Wind. It will be a relief to get that out of my head.

* Remember the Watcher series? There’s some exciting news coming up about that. *is mean and cruel for teasing*

* As I type this sentence, Odd Trundles is attempting to dominance-mount the Mad Tortie. This is having predictably loud and strange results.

* Now Miss B is chastising both of them. It’s a wonder I can hear myself think.

* …what was I saying?

* Oh, for God’s sake.

* Okay. They have finally collapsed to their corners to take naps. Did you know that in lots of places, the internet does go to sleep at night?

* Now things have calmed down a bit…I redid some number- and time-crunching yesterday, and the result was thought-provoking. It being fall and my productivity ramping up again (the rain, it makes me go go go), I am thinking of POSSIBLY doing a crowdfunding campaign for another Steelflower book. The drawbacks are that I would have to ask for a significant amount up-front, both to produce the paperback and “perks,” and also to make it worthwhile for me to fit it into a project slot. I am not so worried about myself, but the kids and dogs get a bit testy when they don’t eat. Frankly I’m not sure there’s enough of a fanbase for that book/series to make the crowdfunding for a reasonable advance feasible.

* I’ve dusted off my old profile, so if you want to see what I’m listening to while I write, head on over.

Oh, and did anyone else update to Yosemite this past week and start having network problems? Anyone? Bueller?

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Katherine C.

Yes!!!! Please, please, please on the Steelflower project! I’m sure there’s more of an audience than you think. Hopefully this will work (the prospect, even if it’s slim, has just made my day.


Dude. Possibly more Steelflower is the best news I’ve heard in a while. I would be in in a heartbeat if you decide to crowd fund.


Oooh!! I have been hoping to hear about the possibility of another Steelflower book for years!!! Please please consider it! I’m sure the fan base is there!!!


Yes to more Steelflower please!


I’d support more steelflower


Yes, please on the Sleetflower. I am real happy that it is in the realm of possibility.


I would also be there for more steel flower!



Even the possibility of there being another Steelflower book is reason to break out the hot chocolate and whipped cream (as I don’t drink any alcohol). If there is any way for me to fund, please tell me (something, that works internationally would be perfect, since I am German). I already had to buy another copy of Steelflower, because I loved the first one to death. In the end it was so tattered, that no amount of tape was up to the job anymore. I also kept buying that book for friends as a birthday gift. Though I had to… Read more »

Steelflower news *and* hunter series news! Oh, Lili, you are such a tease! Yes, please!


I totally meant Watcher series…lost my mind a bit there with the excitement…


Posted my Steelflower comment under the wrong blog page – par for the course today. Anyway, please, please more Steelflower!