Running, Not Running, and the Weekend Felony

Twenties tango / Cutler, Chicago copied by photographer Sam Hood for a theatre Every once in a while, a day comes along where you can’t run. You’ve been going along with your training plan, accident, injury, illness, whatever keeps you from lacing your shoes up and hitting the pavements. Such days are intensely frustrating–at least, for me. I get an itching under my skin and a snarl below my smile.

Of course, you could say the snarl’s always there, so…

I had thought I’d be able to get through this training plan without a single missed workout, and was actually congratulating myself the other day. That, I suspect, was my first mistake. Ugh. But at least tomorrow is anothah day, and all that rot.

In better news, I’m still taking suggestions for rewards in the possible (merely possible, guys, don’t get all excited now) Steelflower 2 Kickstarter. I also signed up for Patreon, so if you want a look at alternate chapters, sneak peeks of upcoming stuff, chances to have me answer questions or do a reading in a vlog, or any of that, head on over and take a look. The first teensy prize is a PDF of a couple chapters from Rattlesnake Wind, which is nearing completion but may never see publication. (There’s only six of them left. Just sayin’.)

…what’s that? The felony? Oh, yes. Remember how I was telling you last Saturday was bizarre? This is why. Basically, I went to visit my writing partner and ended up being witness to interstate mail felony something or another. No, neither of us were arrested–she was a witness too. And I just want it registered that I was the voice of reason in the whole thing. (A rare and wonderful occurrence, that.) Given that I’m usually the bad angel sitting on my writing partner’s shoulder, it’s a topsy-turvy feeling. I can’t wait to get back to being the bad influence.

And now I have to go see where I can shoehorn more scenes into Agent Zero

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Amanda Toop
Amanda Toop

Honestly its so great to see how far you have come with your running. I think this time last year maybe 1.5 years ago you were easing into running and things were hard. Now look, you ran 7:30 splits last week and you have been doing well consistently. I think you should feel really proud. I also run a lot and you can never really stick to a training program 100% due to the fact that not everyone recovers at the same rate. I find this very frustrating as I really like to attack a training program as well. If… Read more »