Rainy, Glorious

Happy Easter This morning’s run was a good one–9+km, most of it in .8km fast intervals. Consistently turning in 5:50-6:10 per km on the fast intervals wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Learning to gauge effort is one of the better benefits to occasionally doing a training plan. One finds elastic limits, and hard-and-fast ones.

I keep discovering, over and over again, just how good running is for stress. (At least, for me personally.) Sweating out all the cortisol and other fight-or-flight chemicals leaves me feeling at peace, again. I’m still doing Headspace, too, so I feel super granola-crunchy. Given recent events, it’s a blessing.

Odd Trundles is nearing the end of bulldog adolescence. Consequently, he has become much mellower. Not when we have visitors, of course. Visitors provoke him to fits of ecstatic licking and attempts to keep said visitor pinned for more licking. But he’s pretty much reached the floor potato stage of bulldog evolution, where holding down the carpet becomes his mission in life, and snoring a skill to be obsessively practiced.

From both ends. Frequently.

Miss B, heading into doggy middle age, has slightly mellowed too. Except for when there’s a bicyclist. Or the UPS truck. Or schoolbuses. I keep asking her what the hell she’d do if she ever by some miracle caught one, and she archly informs me that it’s none of my business and beside the point. She accompanied me today, since it was under 10km, and she was in fine fettle. It takes about four miles just to get her to calm down anymore, she’s just so excited! to be out! with Mum! and all the smells! SO MANY SMELLS.

Oh, also, remember Walking for Jesus man? I saw him again. Except he was on a kid’s bike. It was a Keystone Kops image, and I averted my eyes and pretended to ignore. I don’t think he’d recognise me–after all, my head’s shaved now–but I didn’t want to take the chance. I also didn’t slow down so he could ask me for spare change. Miss B, of course, saw bicycle and put her nose down, intending to heeeeeerd it, but then we were past and he vanished into the slipstream.

I just don’t even.

And now, it is time for hot tea, some meditation, and back into the breach of revisions, dear friends, on this rainy, glorious day.

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its supposed to be back to rain after today, I hope that it waits until you get your morning run in.

Lulu bulldog across the street is about 4 now and getting staid in her old age.. she doesnt lumber up to bonk into my shins, but takes her time to do it.


I’d support another Steelflower in a heartbeat. It is my “go to” re-read when I am blue and need to escape my own reality.