My Girl C

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I was going to tell you a long involved story about why my head’s shaved now, full of car chases, a bag of money, and four Persian cats playing ukuleles. But after sitting here for a long time…I can’t. More precisely, I won’t, I have limited emotional energy and trying to be cheerful and/or hilarious about it (because we laughed so much during the event, I can’t even tell you) would drain that down to null.

So I’ll be brief.

Rock the Skrillex
Rock the Skrillex
Christa was one of the three people who got me through the divorce. She’s one of the three people who took turns coming to see me, to check on me, and to lighten the agonizing load of depression and anxiety, week after week. I’ve known her since she was a teenager, and she’s grown into one of the bravest, funniest, smartest adults I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She’s one of the (very few) people who can call me at 3am from a foreign jail and say “GET ME OUT OF HERE,” and have me roll out of bed and get on a plane to mount a rescue operation, and vice versa. (Note: this hasn’t happened, but it’s nice to know, right?)

Christa is in her mid-20s now. She has Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Scene of the crime, baby
Scene of the crime, baby
Since she’s so young, she’s on a pretty aggressive chemo. Her hair started falling out by the handful last week, so she got some wigs and shaved her head–and then she came over and shaved mine.

“Are you sure?” she kept asking. “You don’t have to do this, you know.”

The hell I didn’t. Fuck cancer, man. Fuck it. This is my girl, one of my two best friends in the entire world. We’ve relied on each other, gotten each other through so goddamn much.

The worst thing is that this is an enemy I can’t hunt down and beat the shit out of for her.

Trundles Investigates
Trundles Investigates
You guys know I rarely ask. But if you have some change rattling around, and feel a need to throw it at something, there’s a gofundme for Christa’s medical bills. Should you feel moved to contribute, thank you.

Pair of babes, yo.
Pair of babes, yo.
So that’s why I’m rocking the Buddhist nun look lately. And wearing hats.

That’s all.

My girl C
My girl C
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is it cool if I leave an envelope for you for C with M?

And when Ru went through her chemo, I got her purple and fushia wigs in the Barbie trench at WallyWorld. And for my surgery I have gotten me a Purple Minion knit hat at the Halloween store..


The hell I didn’t. Fuck cancer, man. Fuck it. This is my girl, one of my two best friends in the entire world…
There is real truth here. Go, Lilith’s girl C
I have contributed and will again.

Paul Tomlinson

I would still like to know more about the four Persian cats playing ukuleles.



I’m in. Just went to GoFundMe. I’m on chemo for breast cancer, but at least my insurance is still working. The stuff can kick your butt. Y’all are beautiful. Kick that cancer’s ass Miss Christa.