Audible SquirrelTerror!

Squirrel!Terror GUESS WHAT.

You can now get the adventures of Neo and the gang in audiobook form, narrated by the amazing Marci Himelson! Right now it’s just available through Audible, but in a couple days it’ll be available through iTunes as well. I’m very pleased with Marci’s work, and I hope you are too. I’m still looking for the perfect narrator for Selene, but that just may not happen.

I may have to put together the adventures of Napoleon!Squirrel, too. This backyard isn’t as crazy as the other one, but enough certainly goes on, especially with Odd Trundles around. He’s a lover, not a fighter, and he loves EVERYTHING. (Sometimes a little too much.)

Anyway, it’s amazing. I had no idea the squirrel stories were going to prove this popular. Enjoy!

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done! perfectly timed, as I’ve got a road trip coming up.