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Another Witch’s Year

spiac-o-lantern And a very happy Samhain to you, my dears. May the year be full of happy peace and plenty. Calling the kids’ schools to tell them the Prince and Princess will be absent for a religious observance each Samhain is one of the highlights of my year, I can tell you that.

It’s a quiet morning, full of the sound of rain. When I glance out my window I can see splashes of bright-painted leaves. There’s fairy rings all over–mushrooms, springing up in circles. Given that I’m writing about the Folk, it gives me a shiver every once in a while.


Of course, there are other groups of fungi, and solitary ones, but they don’t make for as good a story, now do they? (Episodes of Hannibal aside, that is.)

Today we’ll carve pumpkins, tonight we’ll burn joss paper wishes, the kids will have a marvelous time, and we’ll go over the Candy Rules one more time: none before breakfast, none after brushing your teeth at night. It only took eating themselves sick on it once before they learned to self-regulate, thank goodness. Just like it only took them one tantrum to discover that will never get you what you want from me. Smart kids.

Be safe out there tonight, chickadees. See you in a bit.

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Blessed Samhain to you as well. May the next turn off the wheel bring you happiness. Thank you for the wonderful adventures you write.


in Ireland, there were these little pockets of park, with small rings in them… just scattered randomly over the landscape.

Happy New Years!

Raven Blackburn

A very happy Samhain to you too!

Chris dem

Will you be writing more on Dru and Graves? It just seems ….unfinished.