Great Horned Owl I had thought that once kids weren’t in elementary school anymore, their parents would begin to show a certain maturity. In the parking lot, to be specific, while dropping their kids off.

I don’t know why I thought that. After all, the times when I drive the Princess to high school, it’s just like the elementary school parking lot. People forget to use their turn signals, cut in line, make gestures, and almost run over kids in their haste to get their little darlings to the front of the line. This morning I was almost sideswiped by a Prius, of all things.

Sheesh. You’d think they would have learned to wait in line and be courteous in grade school. Guess not.

Anyway, today’s for fresh wordcount! There’s the second Gallow book to keep shoveling at–it wants to be written out of order, strange but not entirely unexpected when you’re writing about the Good People. And there’s also Rattlesnake Wind to write on, since it won’t get out of my head. It’ll never sell, but at least once I finish it my brain will be my own again. Then I can stick it in a drawer and let it moulder.

It’s weird to be writing something that isn’t to be released into the wild. Freeing, and a little scary. The fear is a thrill, like biting into fiery dark chocolate. While I have that, no amount of sideswiping Priuses (Priuii?) can disturb my good mood.

*shuffles off to write*

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since the Kidlet is in private school, if you dont behave yourself in the pickup and drop off lines, they will expell your child from school. Or ban you from the school grounds. Everyone is very polite in the pickup rituals, except for the odd person who doesnt advance far enough, but the get the Evil Eye from the pickup supervisors… and they have bullhorns. (now that makes more sense if they were really Bull’s Horns.. grin. )

Katie Doyle
Katie Doyle

Drop off got so bad at my daughter’s school that the principal and another teacher have to stand outside in the morning to supervise. If your behavior is bad enough that your kid’s school principal is treating you like an unruly child, then you need to reevaluate your behavior. Oh, and yay for new words! I love the freeing feeling of writing for yourself, knowing no one is every going to see it. It’s almost like your brain automatically gives you permission to make all the mistakes the “advice” out there tells you to avoid and doesn’t bother you with… Read more »